As a sales leader, you are faced with tough issues, daily

“Did you know that prospecting is the number-one deficiency among salespeople and sales departments? It’s true. Most of the problems that salespeople complain about are ultimately caused by poor prospecting methods or a lack of prospecting discipline.”

Jeff Beals ( National Speaker / Sales Coach

How many days have you said, “There has to be a better way?”

Our experts develop and execute a PROVEN prospecting process that delivers pre-qualified leads ready to talk to you, consistently.

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There is a better way.

The Contact8 Process Produces Results


Fundamentally, the most important step in the entire process. Our onboarding process helps us narrow down your ideal client. We will ask for example clients and will spend a great deal of time making sure we create the right set of attributes for our queries.


Your social media profiles to ensure they support your customers journey.  During this process, your target social media profile will receive most of your first traffic. Your profile page needs to be part of your story, placing you in a position of authority.


Create a targeted message sequence and curate content for social media posting. Our process provides example messages as well as the option to create a series of custom messages.


Confirm and verify your first group of prospects.  Import your target market into our proprietary system. You will confirm the list, the messages, and our planned contact cadence.


Implementation of Complete Contact Strategy (8-week communication staggered cadence).  Follow, Interact, Comment, Unique Connect, Response (in network / no response), Welcome Message, Engage4, Ask, Transfer

Check out the results from one of our latest campaigns!

Response Rate by Persona

An actual message sequence

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Real-Time Tracking of Analytics

Dynamic Lead Scoring – Based On Engagement Rates

Real-time Dashboarding

What can you expect from our process?

  • Consistency in your pipeline.

  • Consistent sales conversations with the people who buy your product.

  • Improved personal branding through engagement and thoughtful content.

  • A vast network of the decision-makers you want in your network.

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