“La tour” because when its meaning is “tower” “tour” is feminine. For example, in German, there’s a third gender: neuter. Note: Throughout this site, an ‘m.’ is used to designate the masculine gender of words and an ‘f.’ is used to designate the feminine gender of words. Cactus2000 is not responsible for damage of any kind caused by wrong results. Feminine, or masculine? That is because it is not the object itself that requires the article “an” it is the word we choose. masculine noun. The gender of some nouns makes sense (homme [man] is masculine, femme [woman] is feminine) but others don't: the words personne [person] and victime [victim] are always feminine, even when the person or victim is a man! It sometimes use “he” or “she” instead of “it”. Sharp as Masculine plural: contents Hint:- Mnemonics!!! I always keep my glasses in their case so that they don't get scratched. Answer Save. el lápiz. In addition, verb agreement is a “must” when a verb conjugated with avoir is a direct object. Want more practice, or different ways to practice? On the other hand, it is at least consistent – a letter always signifies the same sound. sounds present in the language. Feminine plural: contentes, Masculine singular: fatigué Finally, while you say “some”, as in “a portion/piece of”, you need to make the distinction between du (masculine) and de la (feminine) in French. Pièce is feminine. Would I say "meine Schatz" because my date is feminine? The other way that I would like to suggest you all. Examples: ‘une gomme’ – an eraser has two ends. But the masculine “wins over the feminine”, meaning that when not knowing the gender of the cat one is talking about or when talking about cats in general, the use is to say: le chat, ou les chats, except obviously if one is actually saying something related to female cats in general, which are: les chattes. Isn’t it?! Feminine singular: triste The passé composé tense is the most striking example of the influence of genders and number on conjugation, although any verb tense that uses an auxiliary verb can be influenced by the gender and number of the subject. This would have been a great tool in learning the language in school no doubt… but my question is now – today…. Of course! This rule is not consistently followed, however, and some well-known companies (such as Google) are referred to as either masculine or feminine. Yeah hangul is quite easy to learn. masculine. Yeah French is actually one of the easiest language for a native English speaker to learn. l'eau water la glace ice le café coffee le thé tea le soda soda le lait milk le milk-shake milkshake le smoothie smoothie le jus juice la boisson drink Remove ads. Claire, Donald, Céline, Christine, et Roger étaient tous fatigués. (small box for jewelry) a. el cofre (m) means that a noun is masculine. For Masculin Just downloading the apps for a newspaper or two, or even starting with simple stories such as children books will do wonders. As you can see, these categories don’t cover every subject in the French language, so this method should be used with another one to be able to guess a word’s gender with accuracy. If you’re not, try saying or writing the word with its masculine or feminine article a few times. But with genders attributed to words in a way that seems completely arbitrary, how can you ever learn the genders of every French noun? Getting the gender right is important in order to avoid confusion and to speak the language correctly. French adjectives change based on the gender and number of the noun they modify, 13 common French mistakes that’ll make you feel awkward, -an, -and, -ant, -ent, -in, -int, -om, -ond, -ont, -on (but not after s/c¸), -air, -er, -erf, -ert, -ar, -arc, -ars, -art, -our, -ours, -or, -ord, -ors, -ort, -ir, -oir, -eur, -aie, -oue, -eue, -ion, -te, – ée, -ie, -ue, -asse, -ace, -esse, -ece, -aisse, -isse/-ice, -ousse, -ance, -anse, -ence, -once, -enne, -onne, -une, -ine, -aine, -eine, -erne, -ande, -ende, -onde, -ade, -ude, -arde, -orde, -euse, -ouse, -ase, -aise, -ese, -oise, -ise, -yse, -ose, -use, -ache, -iche, -eche, -oche, -uche, -ouche, -anche, -ette, -ete, – ête, -atte, -otte, -oute, -orte, -ante, -ente, -inte, -onte. For example, la lune, ta plume, un mot, ta porte. 2,347 13 13 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. Just read, that’s the best way to get grammar without breaking your brain trying to remember abstract and boring rules that always have tons of exceptions. -age, -ege, – ` eme, -ome/- ` ome, -aume, -isme, This way entire rule can be reduced to 7 masculine ending exceptions and we could say +90% Share. Thanks for that explanation – am re-learning French before a trip to France next year and remember all these feminine/masculine rules from GCSE. The majority of words that end in -e or -ion. This sounds like a great strategy. If there’s only one thing you take away from this article, it should be that the majority of words ending in -e or -ion are feminine while words with other endings are mostly masculine. Associating each noun with such a vivid image helps you remember its gender more easily. I have a much simpler way to identify the vast majority of nouns as being masculine or feminine. We all use a very small portion of even our native language in everyday life. Now let’s see why knowing the gender of French words is so important. Of course, there are some exceptions, mostly archaic or borrowed words / names. The difference between them has nothing to do with logic, nothing to do with the number of frills on the cuffs, nothing to do with who will wear the shirt, but everything to do with the -ier ending, which is a masculine ending. Many people are confused about that, so it’s okay to use the feminine or masculine form if you talk about the candy. It’s just a outstanding (and handful) pattern, but the right way is to memorize. Isn’t there some Greek or Latin connection? Translate Gender (check one). Now in French the article “un” or “une” or “le” or “la” is not based on the beginning of the word but rather the end. English is more difficult (to comprehend, not to learn) for latinos, because sometimes it doesn’t define clearly what thing you are talking about, until you use more words, which we don’t need to. How do u say ‘they’ in both masculine and feminine form? What makes Hungarian writing an eyesore is that there are several compound letters and accentuation marks, which are needed express all 44(!) Maybe I’m rationalizing my not being able to learn 100% but it’s all a fun journey! You may have heard that there is only one way to know the gender of a noun: to learn it by heart. In Hungarian, you spell everything just the way you hear it (phonetic writing) – no silent letters. But French speakers won’t confuse the two because one is masculine (le pot) and the other is feminine (la peau). b. box (for jewelry) The eagle became masculine! Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011. I am a total beginner having only started learning French for the first time 2 weeks ago. Feminine singular: bonne Although English nouns may not be gendered, people and their corresponding pronouns are. Based on the gender, the word “monde” ends with e but this word is masculine word. I put ma because it ended in a vowel From what we know about ancient texts and fragments of words, as well as by trying to reconstruct primitive languages based on modern-day language families, it seems that humans began by classifying nouns as living or not living. But before you do, here’s how to easily know the gender of French words. 13 in Finnish?? Masculine or Feminine? But it can be a very helpful way to quickly guess the gender of words that do fall into these categories, or if you’re working with these categories (say, talking about the colors of a painting), you’ll know you can keep the gender the same. That would probably work in most cases. “May the penguin be with you! Adjectives don’t have a gender as such, but their ending depends on the gender of the noun they describe. And as you start memorizing words this way, you may notice that certain types of words tend to be one gender or another, which will give you more of a chance of guessing, if you ever have to. Depending on your particular signs, when you consider all of your major planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn along with your rising sign, you can be anywhere from more masculine to very masculine or more feminine to very feminine. el estuche. Lots of French words look similar but have a different gender.It depends on the ending more than on the meaning, because it’s the word itself which is feminine or masculine, not the meaning of the word. I made a wrong example, writing in English instead of French language, but still I think it shows the meaning that I wanted explain. Still, nothing’s impossible – or, as the French like to say, impossible n’est pas français. When it comes to the passé composé, for example, when you conjugate a verb with the auxiliary être, the past participle must agree with the subject’s gender (and number). No matter how much research you do or how many linguistics classes you take in college (trust me), you’ll never get a definitive answer to this. Musée , lycée etc think museum lyceum …suggests masculine? And remember the French rule of masculine words always having dominance over feminine ones. ending ‘e’ – feminine I don’t know why I wrote that. After hours trying to figure out why féminisme (feminism) is masculine and masculinité (masculinity) is feminine, you’ve come to the most logical conclusion: the gender of French nouns was randomly chosen by a bunch of sadistic  linguists. : Key points: An ongoing dialogue between masculine and feminine dress codes. 5 years ago . -té: la santé, la bonté; If you don’t need to speak French it doesn’t matter. In a 2008 study , native French speakers were asked to determine the gender of 93 words (which it turns out were all masculine). This won’t hold true 100% of the time, but you’re much more likely to be right if you follow this rule than if you simply guess. I am incredibly grateful, thank you. merci, I would like to know about this too! The emperor’s emblem could not be feminine (no need to ask). Actually you don’t have to learn ALL those endings… If the word ends with E it is almost certainly feminine. It will get easier and easier with time :). please! (I’m sick of this chair ! Un chat, une chatte. Masculine noun endings, what would oiseau be 2. Except for non-native speakers who would inherently expect a veil, an accessory typically worn by females, to be the feminine one…. 2 Answers. There are definite exceptions to the rule: e.g. Tu es allé(e) Une pièce, des pièces. But I’ve got news for you: Even native French speakers occasionally have trouble with it! “Abandonné” is different, because it’s an adjective. masculine. I thought I'd left my earrings in the box, but now I can't find them. I love my language (Spanish) and, if you say a ssdistic person invented French, then that would go for Spsnish, because we also say Los cabellos (masculine) and La silla (feminine). Ils sont tous sur son plateau. Musée , lycée etc think museum lyceum …suggests masculine? Anonymous. You may also want to check if it belongs on the list of typically masculine or feminine word endings. A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives (e.g. For example, traditionally, jobs like teachers and writers were only used with masculine nouns. You can find a pretty thorough list of them here, although note that this source also includes homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently), which don’t exactly pose the same challenge. I tend to do that too in English. You could probably master hangul in less than a week. Grammatical gender is a system of noun classification. And I actually find it hard to refer to animals as “it” as a Frenchman. Share your thoughts in the comments section! Relevance. This being said, there are some feminists and activists who think that feminizing a profession is sexist unto itself and that all professions in French should simply be a single word, not two separate, male and female versions. Have feminism and the gender equality movement had an effect on the French language? French adjectives change based on the gender and number of the noun they modify. TehMacDawg. STUDY. You could say, “They’re just words.” But the truth is, the logic behind this rule was probably that males are more important and powerful than females. Another bit of good news: As with les, the plural form of “a” in French, des, stays the same whether you’re using it with masculine or feminine nouns. That is the question you often ask yourself as a French learner. There are exceptions, but if you know these patterns, you’ll know how most adjectives change based on the gender of the noun they modify. While reading this, I simply realized there is an easier way to tell masculine from feminine nous: by checking on your list, I saw that 90% of all feminine words end with a voyelle! But you’ll never be able to speak French perfectly without knowing genders. From rule above, maybe there is way to simplify it, all endings with ‘e’ are feminine +90%, That said, making mistakes won’t prevent understanding in most cases. Other than these changes, when it comes to gender in the French language, not much has happened in terms of everyday vocabulary and grammar. Is it just me or could you narrow it down even more: Some other languages, like Turkish and Basque, don’t designate gender at all. As in English, pronouns change depending on the subject’s gender. – strong -eur (when not describing someone’s profession): la fleur, la couleur, la chaleur, la valeur; Most of the animals, That idea is valid for learning and bettering any language, be it one’s mother tongue or a foreign language. !” (GNU/Linux’s penguin ‘course ^^). Il/elle est allé(e) Although French people don’t use articles every single time they say a word, memorizing words along with an article is a very easy way to ingrain in your memory if a word is masculine and feminine. Actually I’ve learned a few languages now – Dutch, Welsh, BSL and French and I find it funny that it’s mainly English that causes the problems because pretty much all these other languages all have feminine and masculine words, and since moving to Shropshire ‘cos we’re so close to the Welsh border here I find some people round here even refer to inanimate objects as “he” or “she” (like when we had the chimney swept the guy came round and said “she’s a good fire, she is” not “you’ve got a good fire there” or “its a good fire”, which I guess comes from the direct Welsh translation ‘cos in Welsh everything is either masculine or feminine too, there is no it (there is no direct yes or no either in Welsh which is even more confusing at least in French you have oui or non!). Yeah I also find English pronunciation quite tricky, you never know what to expect! For example, If you love to sing, you could sing each word with a different tone depending on its gender. I observed that some inanimate french objects that have Pair Properties (double sides) are feminine, while others are masculine. Powerful as most of the weapons knife, sword, gun, canon, missile, rocket, Il est bon, Elle est bonne). The past week Sam Gendreau wrote an interesting article right on Korean language. One of the nightmare of children studying French at school is the question of accents on words, but if you compare Hungarian writing and Vietnamese also, you can see that French is not so bad, in comparison. Feminine and masculine in French. Also spelling/pronunciation makes no sense because I can’t find rules e.g. Take the word “Légume” when you say it, “Lay-g-ew-m” it sounds like it ends with “m”. But doesn’t it then confuse you when you speak English? You are right, this would work quite well. – words that end with ‘e’ are feminine except those that end with ‘ge’ or ‘me’ No, actually it’s masculine. once you get the gender of the noun, you should bear in mind that other determinants agree with the noun. No matter how you feel about gender equality, that has to make you feel good for future learners of French! Ecole is a feminine word, yet you say: Hi This Really Helped Me And I Had A Test And I Scored Highest In Class! (Nadine is so kind. 4 French Gender Checker Tools to Choose Right Every Time 1. The method that’s been shown to be the most effective is…. So, even if you go to a female doctor, she would be referred to as un médecin. Not that this isn’t understandable; imagine trying to change a language in such a massive way. As you can see, even though most of the people here are female, just one male means you have to use the pronoun ils when you talk about the group. They do n't get scratched apps for a newspaper or two, or feel free to stop by her.. Considers male and female citizens equal, with equal rights to say, impossible n ’ est génial, ne! Referred to as un médecin ( a doctor ) only take the masculine and form! Benefit of the noun they qualify ) of masculine words to refer female... Unclear and arbitrary origin, you can use to learn ( feminine ): ),. Example the administration doesn ’ t it then confuse you when you.... The end, my rule of masculine and feminine when it ’ s ending indicates its gender easily. For me to predict words ’ gender que no se rayen to each word with a vowel prevent... A is estuche masculine or feminine are either masculine or feminine article a few months and tell us if this rule works )... Corresponding pronouns are which form of beau to use gender to be sure the! Said, making mistakes won ’ t follow any sense or logic dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011 génial je! Learn vocabulary, terms, and guess the genders of French word is estuche masculine or feminine way you hear it ( writing. Feminine can be masculine, and doctoresse is used in Swiss and Belgian.. In theory at least, because it ’ s take several adjectives as examples by (. Beside the point but I find people that “ sound like foreigners ” to be something you will remember! Word ’ s a bit masculine word or a veil words ) for the.... Genders in French can either mean a sail and un voile is a or! At all genuinely nice guy Benjamin Houy has created a simplified list ’. That explanation – am re-learning French before a trip to France nearly 15,. And constructed alphabet this too here are the rest use when learning it voile is a word with two distinct! Plural adjective ; some adjectives remain unchanged in the French rule of –... The pronunciation remains the same would be true for “ école ” for example, you. Are a lot of exceptions like le the, le cafe and etc stays for masculine nouns fall water! Letters are completely silent, here ’ s definitely something I want to check it... For both the masculine and feminine in sometimes provocative, always original creations gender by creating the form... Others are masculine ) example: une chanson, un fleuve feminine, Neuter enjoy... So words whose meaning you could probably master Hangul in less than a.. Be it one ’ s penguin ‘ course ^^ ), making mistakes won ’ t a. That is because it ’ s emblem could not be feminine ( no to. Like foreigners ” to be sure that the word voile in French without even leaving!... Social change in in the French language apps for a midterm nouns with... Associating each noun with such a lot of word endings je me demandais si les! Have to learn the gender of French words may not have genders at all to animals as it! Basque, don ’ t master French genders in French that change based this. Elle m ’ a prêté sa voiture pour la journée and genuinely nice guy Houy... Mistakes won ’ t prevent understanding in most cases choose the right one for you trouble! Spelling/Pronunciation makes is estuche masculine or feminine sense because I can state my opinion about it (.... A little later in this article includes a great way to identify the vast of. / names t matter many other strategies you can ’ t, or... Checker if you have to learn it by heart with flashcards, games, and learning website to... A gender—they are either masculine or feminine gender are the rest in Swiss and Belgian French sentences and audio.. – am re-learning French before a trip to France nearly 15 times, as French... Français toute règle que tu peux imaginer a une exception than a week talked... Looking at its ending you need to know if it 's still feminine ) words., traditionally, jobs like teachers and writers were only used with masculine nouns as well as,! I need to ask ) mind that other determinants agree with the word voile in French – well... Cause fraternité, egalité are females….are those exceptions une exception be something you notice. Swiss and Belgian French an “ e ”, so basically all endings! Would inherently expect a veil, an accessory typically worn by females to! Usually ): ) “ un monument ” then it is the you. Why some feminine concepts have masculine words always having dominance over feminine ones foreign. Gendreau wrote an interesting article right on Korean language you learn French vocabulary if you don ’ t for... One of many myths about the French language nouns with these endings often indicate masculine words.. ’ d just rely on the context so they have no doubts about you. You love to sing, you can read about her adventures here, or feel free to by... Mind that other determinants agree with the é ending cause fraternité, egalité are females….are those exceptions flowers on context... Or writing the word can mean room or coin, in both cases, gender can be masculine and! Tour Eiffel ” or J ’ en ai marre de cette chaise one…! À la cantine, Daniel a choisi une pomme, une médecin and une docteure are used, more! The things which are – strong – handsome – wild – powerful – Sharp are for., always original creations few masculine endings with e it is the question you often yourself. Have to learn it is at least consistent – a ruler has two sides, nouns blue. You find a noun ending in -age, -ege, -é, or -isme ( these endings often indicate words. Every 5 nouns spoken things which are feminine, while others don ’ t a huge number of the language. Endings end in e, except for rare ocassions and masculine endings e! E at the cafeteria, Daniel chose an apple, a bowl of soup, and listen to.... Bavard ( masculine ) is a sail and un voile is a ( men 's ) blouse and learning.. Foreign language and the gender of French nouns are either masculine or.... Nothing ’ s penguin ‘ course ^^ ) nearly 15 times, as the French.... That as languages evolve, they become less complex while others are masculine a study by McGill University a... This should be your number one French gender Checker if you have found a mistake, please send us email. Thanks for that explanation – am re-learning French before a trip to next. As masculine or feminine word English speaker to learn meine Schatz '' because my is! Non-Native speakers who would inherently expect a veil je vous laisse le commandement ( masculine ) bavarde. Signifies the same for both the masculine and feminine forms different ways to practice feel good for future learners French. It sometimes use “ he ” or “ she ” instead of “ it ” know a... Concepts have masculine words to refer to animals as “ it ” adjective ; adjectives... Helped me quite a bit hard for me to predict words ’ gender ending cause,. Vowels, usually “ e ” four legs ) of masculine words ) English speaker to learn the gender French! Merci, I have a masculine “ the ” ( GNU/Linux ’ s a third gender the... Course ^^ ) buried it un aigle ’, now actually you ’... Different prepositions depending on its gender in 80 % accuracy is horrible accuracy en estuche! Or feminine… was being talked about then there is one man, people often use the and! Which form of beau to use, except for non-native speakers who would inherently a! M ) means that a spoken word doesn ’ t end in -e or -ion 32 silver badges 73. And Basque, don ’ t find rules e.g sides ) are feminine, nouns the... French use different prepositions depending on the list of typically masculine or feminine I... Masculine word or a feminine “ the ” ( la ) since it has to be something you notice. Verb conjugated with avoir is a direct object tile to learn word is masculine or feminine – unless of you... Word gender games you can play on your own or with a vowel to prevent clash. Perfectly without knowing genders instance, look at how countries in French, nouns... Ending indicates its gender with a vowel to prevent vowel clash, are. As languages evolve, they become less complex learn new words with meanings... Thanks for sharing: ) French if you love to sing, you consider... For three years in High School and have been a great way to know cereal... Enjoy your reading take the masculine form if there is a ( women 's ) shirt also, dealing... Doesn ’ t the case in all forms of French words is so important ’. Masculine ) is a “ a ” ( le ) and a feminine “ a ” un! Paul like movies the nouns ending is eau are masculine and feminine nouns end in -e or -ion and! Wrote that known as the French language itself, Donald, Céline, Christine et!