All systems, hierarchies, and empires shall be dissolved; but the man that has the life of God in his heart has the immortality of God as his prerogative. (3)Incomplete now, but destined to be complete at the Resurrection. "Who will show us any good?" 4. It is proper to ask here, "Is it probable that Christ was mistaken? A Christian is alive —. "Join thyself," says , "to the eternal God, and thou wilt be eternal."(T. 2. He stands steadily upon life, life endless by its own Divine nature. When our nearest and dearest are taken from us, how consoling to think the great God our Saviour lives! Sermon John 1:1-18 What Child Is This? Man lives at the Pole, as he lives below the Line. The birth of the first child was a prelude to the gospel. The great want of the Church today.(J. It is a manifestation of him in itself. He found a doctrine of God, partial in conception; He perfected it by revealing the Divine Fatherhood. is the question with the worldling; but the Christian says, "Lift Thou upon us the light of Thy countenance."3. 2. They would not come to Him that they might have life.4. A Christian is alive —1. This springs from the relation which He holds to them. There is no sense of being alone when we realize that we are alone with Jesus. The life of Jesus. This truth is calculated to sustain and comfort Christians amid all the sufferings, and anxieties, and sorrows of life and death. Life is sensible of pain. That man is an orphan indeed. We are "a royal priesthood."4. Now it is so with spiritual life. He is still proclaiming, "As I live, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked." SERMON 3 JOHN 1:14-18 THE GLORY OF THE INCARNATE CHRIST And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, ) full of grace and truth. JESUS IS COMING! "Because I live, ye shall live also." Luther answered, "Jesus lives; and if He did not live I would not care to live an hour." tense form of a prevailing superstition?" For man's spirit cannot be resolved like his body, into form and material; the former perishing while the latter survives. The proof that a man is no Christian is, that he is no missionary. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. The birth of the first child was a prelude to the gospel. "He that hath my commandments," etc. Because He continues to live, His disciples shall continue to live also. Elsewhere He simply assumes it. He found a doctrine of God, partial in conception; He perfected it by revealing the Divine Fatherhood. But as a moral teacher He stands at the head, unimpeachable in the minutest particular. It holds the mind, but does not minister to the heart.2. 1. It is a great thing for us that this truth has been put into actual fact. There is no spiritual life on earth apart from Him. PHYSICAL LIFE. The reason is evident. What pain is to the body, sin is to the spiritual life; and just as our nervous system shrinks from the very touch or contact of pain, so the soul that is in unison with God shrinks from sin as its greatest evil, and the immediate source of all misery.4. (2) Faith naturally presses forward to a fuller knowledge of Divine things. Build me a column perfect in base and body, and I will know if the capital is true. As Christ is manifested in the soul, we at once realize all we need. (3) He is the surety for His people, under bonds and pledges to bring His redeemed safely home. THE RENEWED LIFE. His resurrection and celestial life are undoubted proofs that the sentence adjudging us to death was repealed, and the influence that was necessary to make us live was sent forth. The mind knows that each new effort, instead of exhausting its powers, enlarges them, and that if only the physical conditions necessary to continued exertion are not withdrawn, it will go on continuously making larger and nobler acquirements. Munger. "He that loveth me shall be loved," etc. Only the death scene, and the forty days in the Resurrection body. But even then we shall not see all his beauty nor comprehend all his Being. This self-manifestation of Christ is inseparably connected with a corresponding experience of Divine love. To the favour of God. It is the same as Christ's own life, of which we have been speaking. To the glory of God. A heart which bore the agony, shame, desertion of His disciples must be always warm towards those whose salvation He seeks.II. It is a life of glory; He has done with shame, and has a name that is above every name. In your homes, whether your tables be covered with all the luxuries, or merely with the necessaries of life, "ye are to do all to the glory of God. Separation. Then they would not consider themselves orphans, but happy and rich children in the warm embrace of an almighty and infinitely kind Father. THE RENEWED LIFE. He teaches us that all things work together for good. III. It is proper to ask here, "Is it probable that Christ was mistaken? And if there be life in man's soul, that life will adjust itself; will not be conquered by, but will conquer its circumstances. He inquired of Luther what he meant by "vivit?" There must be fellowship with the Christ of the Resurrection before we can feel its power; in other words, we must get over upon the Divine side of life before we can be assured of eternal life. So were we not to live, the great end for which He died and rose would be frustrated. Brown, D. D.)The Christian's life forceL. He feels no need of examining the evidences or balancing proofs. Systems that chime in with the fallen propensities of man have sunk before rival systems; but Christianity, which rebukes man's pride, which bridles man's lusts, which rebukes man's sins, has outlived all persecution, survived all curse, and seems to commence in the nineteenth century, a career that shall be bounded only by the limits of the population of the globe itself. Death as to the body consists in its separation from the soul; the death of the soul lies mainly in the soul's being separated from its God. We are called upon to live of ourselves, that would be death; but we have life and all things in union with Him.(C. He can "give power to the faint, and to them that have no power He increaseth strength." Pastor Vince Gerhardy. Joy is one of the fruits it bears.3. "When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory." Then I am sure that at this moment Jesus is saying it to you — "I will not leave you an orphan," etc. They would not come to Him that they might have life.4. 1. Luther answered, "Jesus lives; and if He did not live I would not care to live an hour." One you loved, and with whom you were almost hourly in converse, has passed away. 4. The life of faith is as certain and safe as that Divine life from which it emanates, and by which it is protected and supported. But when his life is made up of the world, it is not strange that it should seem to himself as liable to perish with the world. Many of our troubles and sorrows arise from our mistaken notions of things. IN A SPECIAL MANNER WITH THE BELIEVER. Now Jesus always lives. (Ray Palmer, D. D.)The living ChurchJ. Conclusion: A true and satisfying sense of immortality cannot be taken second hand. Others may exist, but existence is not life. He was the Prisoner of death, but only for a short time, and that by his own permission. Of all the bereaved in the whole world, there is none so bereft as that man of whatever happy circle he may be, who cannot look up to heaven, and say, "My Father." And in order that we may know He simply changed worlds, He comes back and shows Himself alive; for He is not here in the world simply to assert truth, but to enact it. It is everlasting life; He has done with death. Certainly, if there be no good works, we have no evidence of spiritual life. All systems, hierarchies, and empires shall be dissolved; but the man that has the life of God in his heart has the immortality of God as his prerogative. Apparently there is an element of truth in this story. Had He not succeeded in doing this He Himself would not thus have lived. And the more we turn away from looking at the dazzling lies which befool and bewilder us, the more shall we see Him whom to see is to live forever. "Ye shall know that I am in my Father." OUR FATHER HAS PROVIDED A COMFORTER FOR EVERY MAN. HE DOES NOT THINK OF IT AS A FUTURE, BUT AS A PRESENT FACT. T. Munger.1. "Because I live, you must perish forever." It is reason to see with the wise, and to feel with the good. IS HIS ABILITY TO HELP TO THE UTMOST. Sermon Week Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle A. Scripture Summary John 14:18. This is the sole reason. Place the Christian in the palace with Pharaoh, or in the dungeon with Joseph, and he can breathe the atmosphere of the one just as he can the other. But my faith is not only eye, but hand, and not only beholds but grasps. "Who will show us any good?" H. It is noticeable also that the faith of natural evidence awakens no joyful enthusiasm in masses of mankind. 1. If we really believed this, how all burdens and cares would be lightened, how all perplexities would begin to smooth themselves out, and how sorrows and joys and everything would be changed in their aspect. We are back in the Upper Room. "The Father hath given to Him to have life in Himself; so that He quickeneth whom He will." John 14:23-29 Peace I Leave with You. True, the believer's natural life is like that of all other men: one of sin, misery, without God, without hope under wrath, on the way to everlasting woe. III. The proof that a man is no Christian is, that he is no missionary. Happy in prosperity — happy in adversity — happy in life — happy in death — happy forever!3. THERE ARE CERTAIN POINTS TO WHICH THIS LIFE SPECIALLY REFERS. O. Thompson.Christ is the basis of —I. All that we know is, that there is some principle within that looks through the. Christ rose as "the first fruits of them that sleep in Him," the first born of the chosen family, their representative and forerunner. "I," Jesus seems to say, "I was left comfortless, but I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. "I will that they would turn — I will that they would live."(J. The true safety of the Church.5. How can we famish or die?IV. The man looked and replied, "Joy! The word translated comfortless comes from a different root word than comforter, which is paracletus, comfortless comes from the Greek word orphanos, from which we get our word orphan. The great want of the Church today.(J. We know not what life is. "In that day ye shall," etc. When He entered on His ministry He found certain imperfect or germinal truths existing in Jewish theology. "We shall be like Him."III. THE RENEWED LIFE. If we could find any weakness elsewhere in His teachings, there would be ground for such questions. They were afraid that his death would involve their death, and they would naturally and sadly ask - What will become of us, of our fond hopes, dreams, and aspirations? It has changed its forms, varied its circumstances, altered its doctrines, but has maintained in every period of its history its inward life. Christ got it, because He wrought out the perfect, everlasting righteousness; we get it, because by faith we have received that righteousness. Cumming, D. D.)Immortality as taught by the ChristT. A dead man does not feel. The whole bearing of Christ towards death, and His treatment of it, was as one superior to it, and as having no lot nor part in it. Children’s Message: The Key to Life Jesus is the Way . THE LIFE OF CHRIST'S PEOPLE. We cannot even look upon the man Jesus issuing from the tomb, and draw from thence a faith that yields peace. A royal life. Physical life is dependent upon the life and will of God; and spiritual life by faith is entirely dependent on the life of Christ as its Divine Source, its efficient and meritorious Cause, its infinite Support and Guarantee. Human nature is crowded with hints and omens of it, but prophecy does not convince till it is fulfilled. This was a mistake, and Christ is very careful to correct it. He has known what it is to feel God His Father, but it is gone Do you say, "It is I?"